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Researchers Stories, Page 1
St. Mary's Cemetery, April, 17th & 18th, 2003
I have been to St. Mary's Cemetery on several occassions, I visit with a childhood friend and enjoy the beauty of the Cemetery. I went to the Cemetery on two separate nights, armed with Jason's digital camera and a flashlight, in hopes of seeing a few spirits of the night! As I did these investigations alone, I walked around taking photos and enjoying the crisp night air. It is a beautiful Cemetery, but at night, as with any Cemetery, it is a bit eerie. Photos are displayed in photo pages, although I took many photos, we've only posted a few of them.

The Screaming Tunnel
Photo taken on April, 19th, 2003 visit, from the back of the Tunnel.
March, 15th, 2003 met with Burlington Ghost Researchers
On March, 15th, 2003 we met with Burlington Ghost Researchers, Patrick Cross, James Borg, and Carrie Chilcott, along with three researchers for our neighboring United States. We met at The Flying Saucer Restaurant,and visited Drummond Cemetery, Haunted Ramada Inn, and The Butler's Burial Ground. This was my first meeting with Patrick and his crew, and I look forward to meeting with them again.
The Haunted Ramada Inn is located on Lundys Lane in Niagara Falls, and has a reputation for being occupied by spirits from the war. We were in the hallway located across from the Cemetery, you could distinctively smell gun powder, and the occassional smell of rubbing alcohol. There were cold spots and the feeling of a paranormal presence, which are all common occurances. At one point in the hallway, I felt as though a force was preventing me from going any further, almost like someone or something was holding us back. It was a very eerie feeling. We took photos catching orbs in our location.
The Drummond Hill Cemetery has been known to be the most haunted Cemetery in Ontario. It is the burial ground for Laura Secord, and many cassualties from the war. At one point, I felt a wave of sadness roll over me, and when I looked down at the grave stone nearest to me, I was standing infront of 5 of my ancestors. I found this very interesting as I did not know they were located at this Cemetery before this. We walked through, taking photos, and with snow and ice throughout the Cemetery, managed to keep ourselves from falling. As we were to leave, Jason caught a light dancing around some grave stones on his digital camera. We watched it for a while, in hopes we could get a clear photo of it, but it was very small and moving around alot, so it is hard to see. After viewing our photos, we noticed one of the graves in behind where the dancing light was, held an apparation that changed with each photo taken. It had turned out to be an interesting visit after all.

The Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls
I have visited The Screaming Tunnel on two separate occassions, March, 15th, 2003 accompanied by Jason, and April, 19th, 2003 accompanied by a very freaked-out friend. Due to my continuing research on this specific location, I will post my version of why it is haunted at a later date.
March, 15th, 2003 - We arrived at the Tunnel very late into the night, there was ice on the ground and the air was cool and crisp. Armed with Flashlights, digital camera and a disposable camera, we walked through the Tunnel, amazed at the overpowering stench of sulphur. Eager to find the foundation of a burnt down residence at the back of the Tunnel, we discovered the sulphur spring, (should be the smelly Tunnel if you ask me). I was shaking uncontrollably, a bit of nerves and cool air I figured, and was unable to even hold myself still to take photos. Due to the icebound path we had to follow, we had decided to return at a warmer date, and find the foundation then. As we turned to head back to the Tunnel, I felt as though someone had grabbed my left hand, instant reaction, I pulled my hand away, feeling whatevers grasp lessen, and their fingers glide over the back of my hand. Freaked out about the ordeal, I said a few chosen words, told Jason what had happened and stepped back to let him take photos. At the time of my encounter, I was standing near the middle of the path, there was nothing around me, was a spirit trying to tell us to go up the path?? We continued taking photos, using up our film, heading back through "The Smelly Tunnel" and to my car. I felt as though my hand was burning and itchy, and was unable to shake the feeling of someone or something grabbing my hand. With definite plans to come back and do more research, we headed home.
April, 19th, 2003 - I headed back to the Screaming Tunnel with a very freaked-out friend, it was his first paranormal investigation, and probably his last!! We walked into the "Smelly Tunnel", I was taking photos while laughing at his comments on how eerie this Tunnel was and about the smell of sulphur. Once again, as I got to the other side of the Tunnel, I started shaking, but being alittle more familiar with the Tunnel, it wasn't like my first visit. I didn't feel cold or scared, but still find it weird that I shake when I get through the Tunnel. Heading up the path, my friend right on my butt like a scared little girl, I took alot of photos, but didn't go up far enough to find the foundation. I felt my friend had had enough, and didn't want to tramatize him anymore. So we headed back to my car, getting some really good photos, and the only eerie thing I felt was the presence of someone in the Tunnel. Photo I took after I felt weird is posted above.
I am going to visit The Screaming Tunnel again, the same time I do an investigation at The Blue Ghost Tunnel, hopefully by then I will have an idea of what happened there.

Haunted Hamilton - Screaming Tunnel

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The Screaming Tunnel, March, 15, 2003
Photo taken after my freaky encounter, in the mist to the left, you can see the outline of a face, likely a mans, and it looks like he is wearing a hat with a rim.

Critters Lane House , April, 19, 2003
This is one of the photos of the home taken during the day of the front side view of the home. The extension on the back of the home is an addition put on back in the 1950's by the Cureton family who had resided there after the McKay family.
Compare to photos on Custom Page 2, after the fire on Thursday, April, 24, 2003.